Saturday, July 7, 2012


 It's hot here. I mean it's really really hot. I'm not one for on-line complaining but this is serious people. I have been thanking God for my air conditioning, seriously in my prayer time! Those of you from down south can keep your "It's always this hot in Texas..." to yourselves. Yes I know it's hot in the south that's why it's the south (or I guess geography or something). Anyway, I figure the summers in Texas and Florida and the like winters in Michigan; you spend most of your time indoors. But our summers in Michigan are suppose to be... summer... you know we get to go outside for a few way too short months.  But I am not going outside or walking the dog when it's 104 degrees, whew!
This is my favorite picture! Isn't he hilarious?

It's so bad the animals look miserable. The birds have their beaks open and are panting and the squirrels... oh the squirrels. I took some pictures to show you because it's hilarious (in a sad way of course). They just lay around all spread out looking awful. I felt so bad I took them out a bowl of water, I almost added ice but decided they'd either think that was too fancy or too freaky.

I've heard the heat wave is suppose to break Sunday. I hope so because it's a desert here. Our grass is totally dead and my flowers are barely hanging on. I have however figured out a way for us to fix the problem. Ladies it's time to get out your....

MOPS!! That's sure to bring the rain, works every time!! I hope your staying cool or swimming or eating buckets of ice cream. I get to go to the Lake Monday so I'm stoked and yesterday we spent most of the day at a friends pool. Those things are luxuries I am so grateful for. The poor squirrels have no pools or air conditioning (shakes head sadly) enjoy yours if you've got it.

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