Friday, July 13, 2012


After a grueling morning of eating cereal and playing with Dad's iPad there really isn't a better way to unwind then with a group yoga session.  As you can see he's really quite good for a three year old, and having him right beside me is in nooooo way distracting.

I also find that having a dog "right there" to be very helpful.

"Downward facing dog" Ranger's got that covered.
"Plank" hey I don't look so bad in this one!
I use the "pocket yoga" app in case you were curious.

*This is not intended to start a discussion on yoga I just wanted to show you how cute my three year old is. Incidentally yoga really helps my back and helps with stretching (I am not good at stretching). I don't do any of the "weird" stuff and if they ask me to meditate or empty my mind I just pray for a good day or pray that my very pregnant sister and her unborn child are safe.


Anonymous said...

he is very cute isnt he lol and im sure your loving the extra space in your sewing room :) love ya jessie-Dani

Jessie said...

Indeed that space is fantastic!

Stephen & Denise said...

That is the cutest thing! He is so supportive!!

Jeannie said...

You DO have a cute helper and that is SO sweet.