Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Sunday.

The bow ties were their idea. Yes this
is on here because it's just too cute!
Yes bow ties are cool.

Happy Sunday everyone. I'm feeling all cozy and Christmasy over here. I try to hold off until after Halloween to really get in the Christmas mood and I made it to about October 28th before I started listening to Christmas music. I won't decorate quite yet but Christmas sewing projects and planning are in full swing (I've even started my shopping already!). I know that there are real purists out there who don't even hum a line of "Jingle Bells" until after Thanksgiving, I am not one of those people. For one, it's cold here and the only way to make the grey cold days feel better is by making them feel cozy and I make them feel cozy with Christmas. Second, if you make a lot of things for Christmas then you must start long before December and if I'm making Christmas presents I want to feel Christmas! Third, it was already Thanksgiving in Canada and I used to live really really close to Canada.

I'll try not to bombard you with too much of it though, until the "appropriate" time that is. Just letting you know where I'm at.  That being said I finished this cute child's messenger bag for SuperH. I love the retro looking super heroes. I'm really proud to have a finished project for Christmas already and loved how simple this pattern was. Very easy to put together. I think he'll especially like it, not only because of the fabric but because his dad always carries a messenger bag and he loves to be like daddy (I hope that will last). It was so easy I'm thinking of making one for myself!!

I got to spend a day shopping with my mom Aunts and Cousins and came across the legendary vintage pattern finds you so often read about. They were priced at 1.50 a piece!! I had to force myself to be reasonable and not buy every single one. I also got some old buttons from my favorite vintage button company. Honestly friends, I experienced quite the shot of adrenaline.

The little girl pattern and that Christian Dior coat
pattern make my pulse race!

How is your fall going? I'd love to know where you stand on the Christmas issue. Are you a purist or do you leave your lights up all year (that's just crazy). Let us know in the comments.

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