Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Wednesdays (I mean Thursday)...

So the last couple of weeks have been really strange. My mom and sister came for a cousin's shower and then they got trapped here because of the hurricane, which was lots of fun for me!! We shopped and hung out, did the zoo boo, and I got to watch the kids go nuts for their Nannie.  I did, however, loose track of time and forgot to blog; so sorry.

Any way I have a great Pinterest day lined up for you because my friend and neighbor threw her one year old a rainbow party and almost all the ideas came from there. So without further ado...

Yummy party favors original pin here.

I LOVE this. So cute. 

Balloon wall makes a great backdrop for photos.

Such a cute dress! Made by mommy.
Pin here.

I couldn't locate the exact pins for all the ideas and suffice it to say their were tons more ideas and if you  search rainbow geesh you could have a field day. I can't believe little Tbird is already one, life sure flies.

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