Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'll be honest the last six months have been pretty rocky and the last week in particular has been very rough. That being said I have so many things that I am thankful for. My husband, children, and home are at the top of the list. Dear readers you are also at the top of my list. Thank you for stopping by this little place on the internet to chat. Thank you for your warm and encouraging comments for allowing me to be real with you and for laughing at my many failures.

I am excited for Thanksgiving because I get to cook fun things but I don't have to clean since we'll be at my in-laws. I'm making homemade from scratch yeast bread (Whenever I make a loaf of this bread I get all proud and warm and 1950's on the inside), sweet potato casserole, and a barbie cake. Yup you read that right a barbie cake. My niece has her birthday right around this joyous holiday and I got tasked to make a super pink girly cake. I am pretty excited.

I hope your Thanksgiving finds you healthy and happy, and I hope you are able to get all decorated for the holidays with lots of glitter and sparkle.

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Susie Finkbeiner said...

I'm thankful for you, Jessie!