Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Conference


So we just spent the last four days at a youth ministers conference in Indianapolis with Hunter and it went really well. We weren't sure how it would go and were very nervous especially considering that we had to sign up to go when Hunter was only a couple of months old and we weren't sure how he would be.

I told Brian that if I went I would have to be flexible and get what I could get out of the sessions and classes and be ok if I had to leave to feed Hunter or settle him down etc. And I was; I really enjoyed myself it was nice to be somewhere with my family away from it all. Also the classes were great it was nice to have intelligent conversation with other grown ups.

Another thing that was nice was since it was a youth minister's conference there were lots of wives and lots of babies there so I didn't feel funny. During one of the evening sessions I found myself sitting in the lounge with several other women all of us feeding or bouncing our babies while our husbands got to enjoy the speaker in peace. It was cool to talk to other moms in almost the exact situation that I'm in. The worst thing was feeding Hunter, though. Most days I was able to find a quiet out of the way place to feed him, but one day there were cheerleaders and their crazy moms every where. I was forced to feed him with people all over, I did it as tastefully as I could trying my best to keep everything covered, not that Hunter was very helpful. He enjoyed pulling the blanket off moving his head and popping off my boob to look around and screaming intermittently to make sure people were looking. I suppose that I should be fine feeding him any where now.

It's nice to be home now though, Hunter didn't sleep super well at the Hotel it's like he knew it wasn't his room or bed, but I really did enjoy being with my two boys and it just being us. Next year, however, I think we'll leave Hunter with his nanny and maybe put that jacuzzi tub we accidentally got in our room to better use.

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