Friday, February 2, 2007

Ground Hog Day

Today is Ground Hog Day and isn't that just the most disappointing day of the year? I mean it makes no sense and is such a huge let down, and there are groundhogs all over so which one is the official ground hog? It's never made sense in the month when your just yearning for warmth why would you put your hopes in a barn damaging rodent? Then if the ground hog sees his shadow it means six more weeks of winter, that doesn't make sense either. The sun has to be out in order to see a shadow and if the sun was out wouldn't it be warming the earth and melting the snow getting you closer to spring, while if it was cloudy like it is today wouldn't it be colder and snowier?

I would love to rename this day sleep through the night day. It would be so much more exciting commemorating the night that Hunter slept all night. Of course we've been having trouble while he slept six hours and then five it's slowly been going back down until I had to fight with him last night to get him to go four. And I had to get up with him because he's got this weird cold and I'm trying to figure out if it really is a cold or if it is some kind of allergy to the formula (that formula that's been helping my sanity). So For the last couple of days I've been breast feeding all the time so I have to get up with him at night and of course he decided to get up early!!

So the cold seems to be leaving but in the way a normal cold leaves. However, his poop changed back to normal, I had thought that it had gotten gross because of the cereal but apparently not. So I called my sister in law to ask her when her baby switched to formula what his poop looked like (what a weird thing to call someone about) she told me that he had the same pooping problem and that the doctors told her to switch to a soy based formula; so lets try that. Brian and I are going to look for that today. Of course I just bought this huge can of the other formula and formula is expensive! Oh well thank goodness for our extra baby fund.

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