Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Kruppie in all his glory

I love lattes and all manner of sugary caffeinated beverages.  I also love to hang out with and mentor teen girls.  Since so many woman are working now I feel like we're loosing a lot of intergenerational woman to woman heritage I also feel like girls have it harder then ever before (well maybe not harder then our pre-electricity and epiduralial grandmothers).  So much is expected of them they have to be smart, athletic, leaders, and good looking and they have less and less support.  I am blessed enough that God has allowed me to combine my two loves into "coffee club".  Once a week a very small group of girls comes to my house where I introduce them to the glories of sugar and caffein.  We chat, send cards to shut-ins and kids with birthdays in our youth group that sort of thing, and it is awesome.  I love spending time with these ladies, getting to know them and I love that they can see a stay-at-home mom who is happy, fulfilled and a wee bit quirky.

these girls don't think I'm too lame and they are awesome and sweet!!

The only problem with this time is my "frienenemy" Kruppie.   Kruppie is my second hand latte machine.  He was probably totally cool over ten years ago before William and Sanoma swept the scene with their beautiful and luxurious cappuccino machines.  But now he is a cranky, senile coffee maker that sometimes works great (like a really cool story of the past) but more often then not sprays hot scalding milk all over me and my kitchen.  Please don't tell Kruppie because I'm not sure what he'd do but I have a picture of a neat new machine in cherry red taped to my fridge.  He can never know because the cost of this machine is over $300!  And that is a long way off to never happening so I need him to keep on limping along.

Oh well it's totally worth it to show these girls they're special.  Getting teen-agers addicted to sugary caffein drinks may not be the best way to give back to society but it's my way!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Jessie! I loved it! I'm so glad I got my computer fixed just so I could see your blog! i'll see you sunday! :)

lots of love, allie