Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I got new windows!

Isn't that exciting?  Well, it is to me you see we have three huge living room windows that do not open! They are only one single pain of glass so they are cold in the winter (you can seriously feel the winter air blasting right through them) and in the summer there is no cross breeze! Ugh, I've hated it since we moved in and honestly they're a little modern looking for my tastes.

So after we had our bathroom remodeled which was a huge improvement in the house and a big "grown up" step for us we had some money left over with which my husband suggested we replace the two, slightly smaller windows in the living room.  I did a dance and kissed him.

It is crazy how something as small as windows can change the look of your house! These windows have pains which is way more my style (because I'm a pain in the butt! Get it! That one was for you dad).  They open and close and can tilt in for easy cleaning (which means they will get cleaned at least twice as much as they had before since I'm pretty sure they've been cleaned once in four years).  Windows are pricey though, the cost of these with installation was in the $700 range and all our windows are old so I think it will be a slow process of changing out two a year. Oh my some day I'll be able to open the windows with out having holes in the screens so large squirrels can get in (just kidding they're not that big... or maybe they're just afraid of the dog).

Now that the outside of my house looks great, and I have great new windows I have to get new curtains! I've hated these curtains for so long; now they're even worse! Oh if only the list of things I need was smaller then the amount of money I do have... mom, if I don't get new curtains before christmas (which I hope to) add that to my christmas list.

What look of curtain do you all think I should go for?  I'm thinking a blue to pick up some of the blue in my cool chair or maybe an oatmeal with texture? I'd love your opinions.


Beki said...

This is just me - but I have banned all curtains in my living room b/c they pick up the cat hair like crazy and it drives me nuts! SO, I went with the fancy bamboo blinds which are nice and dark (so I don't have to see my nasty surroundings) AND they kind of smell good. I don't know if that is really YOUR style or not, but I love them - they always look clean!

Jessie said...

oooh Beki that sounds great how pricey are they? I actually do not like curtains very much I tolerate them because it is considered poor taste for your neighbors to see you walk around your living room in your under pants.

Katie said...

That's great. You finally got to replace them. Windows are more than just for looking outside or accenting the look of a house. Ventilation and insulation should be the primary concern for windows; something that most people neglect when they have theirs installed. No matter how pretty it looks, if it doesn't insulate effectively, windows like that should be replaced instead.

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