Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Kiss on the Cheek...

Can be terrible.  As in your husband is chasing you around the house with a super creepy 80's mustache trying to kiss you.  As in the boy from high school, who was super nice and fun to hang out with but you were not interested in him romantically, goes in to kiss you and you dodge and give him your cheek in the nick of time.

A kiss on the cheek can be more wonderful then a million dollars or a bath tub full of dark chocolate.  As in you drop your four year old off at school and tell him to be good, but then, instead of running in after his friends he reaches up on his tip toes and kisses you on the cheek.  You did not ask for said kiss, and he did not pause after it simply ran in to his class room.  But you will try to hold on to that kiss for as long as you can.  It was a kiss on your cheek and on your heart!

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taren said...

aww hunter and maddie are soo cute!