Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Am Making a Skirt.

Well let me be a bit more honest. I should be making a skirt. I have been working on it forever! You see my post baby body has left my waist a wee bit bigger then my hips. So far, as I have been making dresses and loose fitting skirts, it wasn't ever an issue but boy oh boy did I bite off a big one here! I am having to redraft the pattern and therefore need to make a mock-up of the skirt in cheap-o fabric before cutting into my super expensive wool. The entire process is long and tedious and I feel desperate that it won't work! So I am dragging my feet. Seriously by the time I finish this skirt it will be too warm to wear it or my waist will have shrunk (hey a girl can dream can't she?).

Made from scraps from a men's shirt.
I thought maybe I needed to reward myself (for what I'm not sure) by way of procrastinating some more by whipping up a super fast fun project. So I did. As you know I love coffee. And, am drawn to all things coffee; neat mugs (oh we have so many mugs) espresso machines, drip machines, some wonky thing I've read about but haven't found yet (I will find it) and my favorite; the french press. I feel so sophisticated when I use my french press and the coffee from it really does taste better (there's a bunch of science I won't bore you with). So I made a cozy for my french press, to help keep the coffee warm.

What a cute mug.

It was fun. I used all scraps so it basically cost nothing (SWEET) and a pattern I found on Martha Stewart. It worked well except it ended up being a bit too big because her's was for a 12 Cup French Press and mine is a six, so it didn't tie well. No problem a couple of hooks and eyes fixed that. I would rather have used snaps but didn't have any and it had to be a free project.

Now I will stop procrastinating as soon as I finish proofing this post, and do some dishes... Ooo a new magazine...


Jeannie said...

Love.reading your blog. Keep it up.

megkempton.com said...

You make me smile.