Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve.

Our New Years was pretty low key. SuperH stayed at a friends. I made a homemade chocolate cake with coconut frosting (the kind that's on German Chocolate Cake) and we had our neighbors over for a couple of hours. The two little kids played, I held the baby and we ate cake and drank coffee. It was pretty relaxing. Later Brian and I watched the third Pirates movie, which honestly confused me quite a lot. I mean I don't understand why Elizabeth couldn't join her husband's crew and travel with him. I get that it was more tragically romantic for them to only get to be together once every ten years but seriously she is a pirate at heart and his father opted to stay with him on the "magic" boat so why couldn't she? That bugged me!... Where was I?
Is there anything sweeter then a sleeping baby?

The next day this is what I had for a nap snack during a snow storm.

This year I don't have a ton of outlandish resolutions. I want to continue to eat healthier (I feel I've been doing a decent job of that) do yoga three times a week because my back is getting sore a lot again. But mostly I want to yell at my kids less and hug them more (easier to write then actually do I'm sure.)  I just want to experience all the sweetness of a simple life well lived.

Happy New Years. I hope you're 2012 is filled with peace and joy.

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