Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Green Typing Table.

The last time I was in Maryland we went thrifting (of course) and my mom bought me this little green typing table. I was drawn to it's color and the fact that it was small and metal and even though I didn't know what I'd do with it, it was really cheap. I thought I might use it as a night stand in our new guest room. It just sat in the living room for days and I used it as an awkward side table to one of my chairs (awkward because it didn't look right) whilst waiting for our basement and new guest room to get finished.

My little table and my thrifted sewing basket
and thrifted dish turned into a pin dish.
Then one day while grumbling as I was moving my sewing machine onto the kitchen table and off again it struck me. I could put my machine on this little table and leave it there and just wheel it out of the way into a corner when it wasn't in use. It's clearly not the most amazing sewing table, it is quite small, but isn't it better then spending half my sewing time moving my machine from one place to another?

Yes, it is better! I got so much more done this Christmas because the machine was out and ready for me to use. It used to be that I'd want to sew but by the time I got the machine out what little time I had to use it between diaper changes was gone. Now I just sit down and sew a seam. And, one seam at a time I got a surprisingly lot done this Christmas season. I made seven aprons, seven dolls, four pair of pajama pants, three winter hats and two sets of mittens. I mean that's a lot for me for one season.

My view of the tree where the birds eat.

Some day soon I am hoping to have a sewing room. This room will be complete with a large sewing table and shelves filled with all my fabric and notions so beautifully arranged. But for now this works (better then it did before for sure). I'm militant about keeping anything not sewing off of it and the view from the little table looks out my large living room window at the birds.


Susie Finkbeiner said...

It is perfectly lovely in your window! I love it!

Court said...

So cute! How nice that the solution is such a nice addition to your room. I really like the blue sewing machine with the green table.