Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Tuesday...

I was working on a Facebook page for a local business and loathing my skirt pieces staring at me from the sewing table.

By Tuesday nap time I was talking to my sister about said Facebook page and her birthday. About ten minutes later her, my mom and I had decided I should fly out there on Friday so I could be at the birthday celebration.

By Wednesday I had decided that I MUST have a new overnight bag to take with me. I MUST make my long awaited Amy Butler Weekender Bag. The pattern and fabric were gifts for my birthday (in June!) So it was a long time coming.

By Friday noon I was barely done with the bag and was barely done packing. I just barely barely managed to do the dishes so that my poor wonderful husband wouldn't be left with two kids and a dirty kitchen.

It was crazy of me to think I could do a project like that so fast and so on the fly. But, I did it and I'm glad. It turned out pretty good. Not perfect but honestly I'm super happy with the bag. It's very cute and holds a lot. I was proud to carry it through the airport Friday evening and made sure I showed it off to my mom and sisters who all ooed and awed appropriately.

More on the actual trip tomorrow.

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Court said...

it's true this bag turned out great! More and more you do just looks like you could buy at a swanky botique or something. Great job... and where is mine? :)