Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Dress.

I decided to be frugal and use a pattern I already had to make one of the dresses on my "summer list". I used the peony pattern (my Easter dress) again but did it in a very vintage looking cotton and added pockets and nixed the cumber bun and bought a red belt instead (I had to return it for a smaller belt later). I wanted to create a dress I could wear during the week in my regular life, so it needed to be cool for summer and washable.

Love the vintage inspired cherry fabric. Good one JoAnn's

I happily sewed along very quickly as I had just made this up for Easter and then I tried it on... Oh. My. Word. It was awful! The neckline was so huge I looked like I was in Queen Elizabeth's (the first) Court, or that my head had been shrunk by an evil voodoo doctor. I cried. Then I cut a new neckline and finished it with bias tape, AND... Had a huge bubble in my back. The dress would have fit Quasimodo perfect. I cried again. Then I did some last minute "hail mary" stuff with the shoulders put it away and tried it on in the morning AND... It fit!!! Not only did it fit but it totally had a 1940's silhouette that I adore. I have no idea why the dress worked for Easter and not for Mother's Day. Maybe it had something to do with the different fabrics but I probably won't be making up this pattern again. Love the two I ended up with though.

The second time I wore the dress I threw on an apron to get ready for lunch without thinking much about it. When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I thought "Wow I look like I stepped out of a Time Life photo." The pose on the right is my "Homemakers for Victory" pose.


Susie Finkbeiner said...

You are so talented, Jess! I love this dress!

Court said...

Love the dress!! Jess it looks so cute and your hair in those curls looks perfectly vintage. You def. have that down!
Love ya.