Monday, May 21, 2012

A Sorbetto Parade!

I thought you might be interested in how you can take one pattern and make it into several different looks. This is the Sorbetto shirt pattern, free, from Colette Patterns

The first batch I'm going to show you are from my dear friend and sewing enthusiast Jen. She is really amazing people. If she decides to learn how to do something she is an expert before I have time to make a batch of cookies! She has two little girls (can you imagine having two people that will wear pink and flowers!) and is one of my best friends.

Jen made these three shirts into nursing tops. The purple shirt is made from a knit and has an inverted pleat rather then a box pleat. The floral tops are lined with flannel so as to be a bit warmer and detach at the shoulder. The cuter then cute baby is wearing a coordinating cape and also has several matching bibs in the fabrics (Gaaaaaahhhhh Sooooo Cuuuuute).

 The yellow floral top has an inverted pleat instead of a box pleat and was finished with bias tape made by Jen. She also added sleeves. AND (this will blow your mind) it is made from two thrifted pillow cases!!!!

The next sorbets are from my sewing machine. The floral sorbetto was the first one any of us had made. I added piping to the neck line and to the inverted pleat along with a few vintage buttons. I also added sleeves because I don't love the tops of my arms. I wish I had made the sleeves a bit bigger for comfort.

That's my dad. He totally rocks and is awesome and taught me how to marvel at nature and see God in trees and stuff. I love my dad so much it makes me crazy!

The next sorbetto we have is one I made from a dress that was stupid. I loved the fabric and it's light as air, perfect for summer. I added vintage lace and vintage buttons. I also added fluttery cap sleeves (with lace). I don't have two daughters so I have to lace-ify my own clothes.

Lastly we have a Sorbetto that I made for my sister for Christmas. She's not modeling it because it's lingerie and she's a nice girl. I also made bloomers to match using the fabric from the bias tape. I did an inverted pleat to make it more flowy and finished the inside with ribbon.

So there you have it seven different shirts from one pattern (and a free one at that). For me it's great to stretch my brain and play with my creativity making different things from one base pattern. It's also great because you can change it to meet your needs (nursing mother, hot summer weather...). Hope you enjoyed our parade!


Susie Finkbeiner said...

So creative! I admire the sewing skillzzzzz. :)

Jessie said...

I admire your skilzzzzzz too. We should start a mutual admiration club.

Romy (evilincarKnit) said...

Just found your blog after searching for Sorbetto ideas. Love the fabric in that photo with your dad! And great suggestion to line with flannel - I'm in Northern California where it gets pretty chilly.