Monday, November 9, 2009

Indian Summer

This is what Conner did during "Indian Summer"

What do you think?  Pretty dapper in his glasses, am I right?

Oh my goodness it is absolutely heavenly here.  I mean it was so warm saturday and sunday I was outside without a jacket!!!  I think it was in the sixties, can you imagine it's November and we're outside running around like it's May?  I know the ick and snow is coming so this was wonderful it felt like such a huge blessing to be outside and using the new swing set.  We used the opportunity to get the leaves bagged up and then I did the yearly climb to the roof to clean out the gutters (Brian is afraid of heights and I kind of like the challenge).  The part that scares me the most is the climbing off the roof it's just a little frightening taking that first step onto the ladder.

Hunter got his glasses Friday and every one says he looks totally cute.  He's been really good about keeping on them his face so maybe he can tell that he's seeing better.  When you get a new eye prescription everything looks weird Hunter dealt with this by stomping around the office, falling down (on purpose) and totally entertaining everyone there.

Here's a question for you what do you do with a kid who starts punishing himself?  Saturday Brian was in the shower and I was laying in bed trying to get up when I heard Hunter say "Dad, I'm in the naughty chair!" he kept calling him until Brian went to him "dad I ripped that" pointing to a envelope "so I'm in the naughty chair." And then today he had two accidents he looks at me after the second shrugs his shoulders and says "Oh well, no wii." (which is his punishment if you wee in your pants then no wii for the rest of the day).  It's pretty funny, although, the accidents themselves are getting old.  Hunter loves the show Kipper the dog.  Kipper is an english dog and today Hunter comes up to me and says "I'm packing to go on holiday." I thought that was hilarious!!  What would Hunter take on "holiday": a wooden box, a stuffed bear, a red mat, one cymbal and one maraca.


Jeannie said...

How adorable your "boys" are (the swing sleeping one and the one with the new glasses--it is true as people have said--they are cute glasses--dapper, I do agree!

fullertribe said...

He looks great in his new glasses and being as smart as he is I'm sure he will do just fine with keeping them on. I love that he dishes out his own punishments, to funny!

Stephen & Denise said...

Oh my gosh. Hunter looks so cute in his new glasses. And dishing out his own punishment just proves again that my Grandson is a genious! And my sweet Connor. Love that picture. What a doll. Miss you all, MOM/NANNIE

Courters said...

JESS he looks more than cute in those glasses!!! He looks ADORABLE!!
I miss him so much!
I love and miss you all.