Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things I love about White Christmas

Oh man this movie is good.  It's romantic, cheesy and funny a perfect combination.  Don't you just love all the dancing and awesome costumes?  And I love that the women all wear pearls, even the granddaughter susan wears them.  There is this one scene where Betty is wearing the cutest shoes ever, I mean they look totally uncomfortable but man are they cute.  And I love the scene where Davis and Betty's sister, Judy, are dancing out side in Florida, it's hilarious.  they dance on a pier with a convenient slidy thing and do a tap dance on top of an upside down canoe!!  It seriously does not get better then that.  I am convinced that if we sang and danced our way through life it would be a lot more fun and way more romantic.

Then in the end when the general walks into the dining room and all of his men fall to attention...I cry every time.  He does inspection and goes on about how they're "sloppy and unruly etc." then he says "it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" tears running down my face!  And of course then at the very end it finally snows saving the major general's ski resort, and a horse and sleigh go by... and you really can't beat Bing Crosby singing White Christmas can you?

Judy and her dance partner look so happy when they're dancing, man I wish I could dance (I can fall really well, dance not so much) They do not make movies like this any more.

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