Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks Giving Bloat

Well Thanksgiving is over and I am left feeling bloated and unhealthy, and also craving sweets like crazy.  "No brain, down, stop you can't eat an entire bag of chocolate chips!!"  Oh well such is the aftermath of days filled with wonderful food and glorious deserts.  I am embarking on a new mindset, one in which I don't beat my self up for days over the extra slice of pie or the late night pizza of the holidays but instead just go right back to eating as healthy as I find possible.  Yesterday may have been a calorie overload but today I am going to make sure I get my four to five servings of fruits and vegetables, I am going to make myself eat something healthy like an apple before I indulge in the chocolate chips, maybe then my brain will begin to rewire itself.  I feel like I can make small changes which hopefully will add up to bigger losses when it comes to the scale, but my new mindset also dictates that I think less about scale numbers and more about the health of my body, the vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that I am putting into my one and only body.  And thankfully my wonderful husband doesn't seem to notice my bigger thighs and sagging boobs, he thinks a big butt is more butt for him to ogle.  Praise God for that man and his blurry vision when it comes to me!!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful and visiting with my parents was great.  I love and miss them so much the only problem with their visits is it makes it so much harder being away from them.  The one thing that I hold on to is the fact that we'll be going out there in a month for christmas (oh crap christmas is in a month!! How will I ever get everything done!!)  I have so much to be thankful for.  Remember that object lesson from when you were a kid and you would trace your hand and make it into a turkey?  Then you would right something in each finger space that you were thankful for?  Well I have way more then four or five things but I will give you five anyway:  God and my spirituality, my husband and sweet sweet boys, my mom dad and sisters who bring me comfort and laughter, my friends who listen to me jabber on and on, my grammy and papa who delight my heart...I have amazing aunts and uncles and a great church, I get to stay at home with my kids and watch a dear little girl, I have a cozy home and a little spending money, couple that with the fact that the christmas season is upon us and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you Jesus for all you've given this pretty unremarkable person.

One last little thought to bring this blog fully into the christmas holiday.  When you see the words "happy holidays" plastered on signs and cards don't get bent out of shape.  The word "holiday" means "holy day" and that is a great reminder that christmas isn't about presents and stress it is a holy day set aside to celebrate the birth of our saviour.  Also it isn't a bad thing to respect the other holy days of jewish chanukah; in a way we christians are their offspring, jewish spiritual history is our spiritual history, after all Jesus would have celebrated chanukah as well as his birth day.

Last year christmas morning


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess. Sorry its been so long since i left a comment. I love getting these in my Email because i'm so forgetful, this way i always get to read them :) I just caught up on these last few and i wanted to pop on here and say one thing. You are not an unremarkable person by any means. I was just saying yesterday to Elise that you are so genuine and such a good person that sometimes i can hardly believe it. You inspire me to love more and to give more and to be more like Alice. You are so much like Grammy, ive always thought that is why you two are so close. It is also probably why i have never been jealous of your relationship with her. If anyone ever deserved to be Alice's Favorite it is you. She gives you back a fraction of the special love that you give to all of us. I think that you are truly remarkable. And i love you. Very much. -Heath

Jessie said...

Thank you Heather that was so nice to hear. You are always brightening my day!!