Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is a magic truck box, and tasty  fingers.

It is sooo warm here!!! I know I keep going on and on but any of you that have lived in Michigan or the upper midwest states know how wonderfully strange it is.  I mean it is Nov 10 or 11th (I'm not really sure) and I was sweating outside at noon.  The sun it out, the sky is blue, I mean this is just such a blessing.

I've been wanting to have a tiny garden (veggie)  for the last couple of years but always put it off until it's too late to start.  Really I bought a book about organic gardening with children and it freaked me out so much,  I was like "What how on earth can I remember all of this?" plus the part on pests was way too scary for me.  So I thought, why don't I start small with just a couple of things, sort of ignore the book and do it the best I can and see what happens.  We took down this playskool house of the kids and it was a perfect square of dead grass so I got inspired while we were outside and dug it up!! I am going to add in some coffee grounds for texture (lome?) and go to the store and just buy some fertilizer and grub killer sort of get it ready for the spring (we'll just pretend it's organic), and oh I am going to plant strawberries there because we LOVE them and if it works out and there is enough I can make some jam.  I also have another square of dead grass and started to dig that up for carrots and radishes or something only to find electrical lines; oops!!! I've been thanking God that I didn't go up in flames or short out the neighborhood (really how stupid even after all the advertisements about not digging I still didn't think about it).  I'm also hoping to get raspberry bushes in the spring because those are my absolute favorite and they're just so darn expensive in the store. But I feel like I can handle that; bushes and one square patch of strawberries...

This is what my flower garden looks like today in NOVEMBER!!!

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Courters said...

I think you have had nicer weather there than here in MD.
I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy the sun a little longer.