Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today is My Birthday.

A surprise bouquet from my mom and dad.
Is there anything more wonderful then unexpected flowers?
It's true, and I'm 31. Geesh I still feel the same as I did when I was 18 or something. How can we age so much but not feel different? I remember pondering that on some random birthday when I was like nine. I was nine but I still felt the same as eight or seven... One of the great mysteries I suppose.

Last year I was thirty so it was a big-to-do. Dinner, surprise trip, new computer, surprise party, my first successful sewing of a dress. A dress I still wear! That was a year ago and I've sewn so much since then! That's really the most amazing mile stone for this year; that I would consider myself a true sewist.
Any way last year was a big deal so this year it's pretty low key and I was trying to decide what did I really want to do and the answer was clear "go to Lake Michigan." but since it's thursday and we all have to work that's been put off until July. Second on my list is to go shopping, I'm doing that Monday. So I finally settled on throwing a small neighborhood bbq. I love entertaining and being with people and we've usually had a neighborhood picnic by now so it seemed appropriate. I like the "Hobbit" of it all. You know? How Hobbits throw a party for every one else on their birthday. So that's what I'm doing sans the presents.

It's so gorgeous. Maybe the prettiest bouquet
I've ever received!!!!
However to make it a true hobbit party I need to give away at least one present so I am going to be giving away an "English" pin cushion to one of you dear readers. English because: I'm making it from a tea tin, Tolkein was English, and it was jut the Queens Diamond Jubilee (and I was going to throw a tea party but forgot so it's getting lumped in there too). I don't have a pic of the pin cushion b/c it's not finished but it will be english with sort of a modern twist (I think) and if you don't sew you can still stick jewelry pins in it or just look at it.

Getting the party started early with "dirt cake"
So any way, in order to enter to win just leave a comment on this blog telling us what your favorite "English" thing is. Crumpets and tea? Or is Dr. Who more your style. Frankly I've got a bad case of Anglophilia right now so I'm loving it all including "Downton Abbey" and scones. Or if this is too weird for you, just leave a random comment. I'll choose a winner Monday-ish.

No I mean it's real dirt people.
Love you all, thanks for being part of this blog another year!


Susie Finkbeiner said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fish and chips. In a newspaper. With Malt Vinegar. YUM!

Happity Birthday to you, Jessie!

I LOVE you...more than good fish and chips. :)

Suzie's Blog said...

Today was the first time I realized that you and Ellie share a birthday.. well maybe I knew in the past but simply don't remember. I've known you my entire life and you aren't blood related. (There aren't many people I still have contact with that I've known that long) I like chocolate chip scones.. and I REALLY ENJOY a good fish and chips.. (not with vinegar although the Canadian in me should) Happy Birthday! Oh and Happy Flag day too! ;-)

fullertribe said...

Happy Birthday Jessie and on the Lake Michigan side lets set up some time for you and the family to come for a boat ride while you are there. We are in South Haven almost every weekend this summer and a lot during the week as well coming up. In July we will be there the 16-22. Send me and email or call me so we can set some play time up. Gabe would love to play with both boys!

Court said...

My favorite English thing is Dr. Who :)

Anonymous said...

Branden! My bf's family was living in England when he was born so that not only makes him my favorite English thing, it makes him my future greencard husband!

Beki said...

Happy birthday!
My English favorite is a classic - tea. Earl Gray, hot.

Anonymous said...

Alfred Hitchcock! "A lot of movies are About life,mine are a slice of cake.". Enjoy a slice of cake today! Holly Becker

Heather B said...

My favorite thing from England will always be The Clash. I might not have survived my teen years without their music and i certainly wouldnt be as sassy and awesome today without it. I listen to one or more of their songs every single day. The great Joe Strummer and the other guys from The Clash, followed closely by The Dr. of course :)

Stephen & Denise said...

Favorite English thing...easy Collin Firth. Love you Jess! MOM

Amelia said...

You're still such a young pup!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! And an English tea pincushion- just lovely!

Tina said...

All right, Jessie, I'm commenting. :) My Fair Lady is my favorite English thing. :)

Liz said...

I loved Robin Leach's lifestyles of the rich and famous :) He was English!

Happy belated birthday! Mine is on Friday!

Anonymous said...

My favorite English thing used to be a good spot of tea but thanks to you dear Jessie I can now say it's The Doctor hands down!