Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to the two most wonderful father's in world.

My own Daddy who taught me that I was special and smart. Who gave me a love for animals and a fascination with the natural world. Daddy, you taught me that to see the beauty in the trees and plants and forest was to see the magnificence of God. That to be out in the woods can be praying. Thank you.

To my boys' Daddy who is so good with them and so patient. I am blessed beyond measure to watch you love our boys and to see what an amazing father you are. Thank you for balancing my mothering out and taking over for me when I need a "time out" (which is a lot).

I love you both in ways I can't put into words. And to all the other fathers out there (I think maybe one other one reads this blog) Happy Father's Day, may the Lord guide you in all your parenting endeavors and may those of us who are blessed by you show you how wonderful you are.

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Court said...

I so agree with this Jess. Dad really did share his love for nature with all three of us.
He is the best!