Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I'm Up To.

I just got back from a very sweet, wonderful vacation with my husband which I will post about soon. I thought in the meantime, however, you might be interested in a photo journey of what my life is like right now. 

When we got back my somewhat-wild garden had really gone insane and filled out. I love the slightly wild look and the slightly less maintenance it requires. It's strange though because there is this sweet spot where it looks great and then quickly looks a mess. We're getting close to the sweet spot now. I planted this years ago in the hopes of attracting butterflies and humming birds. I've got the butterflies finally but no humming birds as of yet. As a foot note I'm sure it's a photographer's faux paw to have your shadow in the shot but I kind of liked it.

This is my vintage reading corner. I love the chairs and the plant is a new breed of geranium. Boy do I love geraniums. 

I planted this tree when SuperH was born. It's lived and died every year. This is the most tree-like it's ever looked so I'm hoping with some tender care maybe it will finally flourish.

I got blueberry bushes for Mother's Day. So far they are alive and if all goes well I will have a berry crop in two summers. Which will be great since frozen blueberries have skyrocketed in price. What's with that?

This retro sewing table/desk was given to me by a friend. It was that weird 70's blond wood so I'm experimenting with some paint treatments. I will have a real actual sewing room soon! SQUEEL!! Believe me I will be posting about that. This desk is nearly finished then I need to paint the room and move in!!!!

This is not a joke. Last year I had a lady pull in front of my house and start browsing around because there was so much child/toddler toys in the drive way she thought we were having a yard sale. I'm not sure which one of us was more embarrassed.

And of course there's laundry. There is always laundry. Seriously if I had a maid and all she did was dishes and laundry I could accomplish three times what I do now. I'm not sure if I would actually accomplish that much more but I could... I do enjoy hanging stuff on the line. Makes me feel like a 1940's housewife and makes me think of helping my Grammy hang out her sheets when I was young. She had this brown square bucket with a lid that had millions of clothes pins. I would carry it and hand her the pins as she needed them. I loved those long summers at my Grammy and Papa's. 

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Anonymous said...

Jess, I love that a lady thought you were having a yard sale! Imagining the awkward encounter made me laugh out loud at work. Miss you and looking forward to our road trip!