Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Apple Orchard

Saturday we went to Gull Meadow Farms, an apple orchard not too far from where we live. I love the whole harvest thing! It's the perfect time of year, when you know you have to take advantage of every last ounce of sunlight and coolness before the bleakness of winter sets in.

Plus all the fun things for Hunter to do; climb on hay bales, ride in a make-shift train, take a hay ride, buy apples and of course eat fresh made donuts. This is the first time we have ever been to Gull Meadow Farms and it was very nice. A little too crowded we'll definitely try to go during the week next year (in our defense every tuesday Brian has had off in the last three weeks have been cold and rainy). But the donuts were the best I have had in years! That's really saying something because I love love donuts but these were absolutely amazing. It was almost embarrassing how much I was oohing and mming over them, luckily we ate them in the car where only my husband could laugh at me. It costs to get in which I think is becoming more the norm these days but the prices did seem low which I appreciate because I like to spend my money on the kind of apples you can't get in the store, which I did. My Grammy swears that spys are the best for pies but they are impossible to find so I bought a bag of those, and a bag of Jonathans for apple sauce and a half gallon of cider for warm spiced cider. I did think the apples were a little overpriced compared to wear we went last year but I'm not totally sure because it was a year ago, after all. Hunter had a very fun time and was so excited to see barns (but disappointed that there were no animals in them) and the giant tractor that pulled the hay ride was AWESOME but his favorite part was... can you guess... the donuts (a boy after his mother's own heart, seriously it would be worth going there just for the donuts!)

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fullertribe said...

I'm so happy that you are blogging. It's crazy that we live so close but never see each other. But I love that we can keep up with each other this way. We LOVE Gull Meadows. Gabe's fieldtrip was there last week. Check out my blog and you can see our adventure as well!. Love you all.