Thursday, October 22, 2009


Halloween is about to be upon us and I am working to finish up Hunter's costume.  He is going as a retro-space hero, with cape and alien antenna.  I was smart this year and made part of his costume for his birthday party.  He refused to wear it at his party and was in an all around crabby mood that afternoon so I'm excited to get another use out of it.  All I had to do today was hot glue (isn't that stuff awesome, especially for child costumes?) some shiny material onto a blue sweatshirt.  We're going to the UP this weekend so I had to get it done because our halloween celebration is Sunday, the day we get back.  I'll post some pics afterwards so you can see how cute my boys were.  Poor Conner he's going as a dinosaur, which is of course a hand-me-down,  oh well he doesn't know any different yet plus it's a super warm one. Why is it that every trick-or-trunk is freezing?  It could be sixty that day and then it will rain/sleet and turn COLD.

I love to sew and craft, especially when it's easy and fun, which his costume is.  I also love home-made costumes.  That's what we always had as kids, my mom must have cut up a million bridesmaid dresses to use as princess and fairies.  One time she hired a pumpkin costume made that I wore then each of my sisters and most of my cousins, it was cute the top of the pumpkin (the stem) was a hat.  Man she got her use out of that one.  When I think of halloween that's what I think of; the making of the costume.  I have this vivid mental image of a pair of fairy wings made out of poster board and glitter, and a wand that was made out of a wooden spoon and tinfoil star.  The costumes today are totally cheap (cheaply made, they are NOT cheap to buy) and so unoriginal.  I mean I'll see like 30 pirates from the caribbean and 100 cheerleaders etc.  And they seem ugly too not cute at all dumb plastic masks that the elastic breaks off of after like the second house.  Any way not to diss everyones costume but what happened to the days of scrounging around good will for that perfect set of bell bottoms for your hippie costume?  Well it is my hope to make my kids costumes at least until they just have to be the dumb blue power ranger.

Oh and if our church collected enough candy (500 lbs) Brian has to dress up as the old school Batman, with tights! And his boss is going as Robin.  Isn't that awesomely funny?

Trick-or-Trunk for those of you who live close is this sunday 6pm at Central Christian Church on Riverside drive.  It's great the cars are decorated and it's a nice safe place to trick-or-treat plus some of it is inside so if it's really cold you'll get a little break and there's donuts and cider.

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fullertribe said...

I too have the same memories from childhood with the homemade customs. I however unlike you did not get the sewing gene passed on to me. So for us it was a trip to Goodwill where I found a 3pcs suit for $4.00 and Gabriel will be going as a Pastor! His idea! I even made him business cards to hand out that have our Church information on it with our service time!!