Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hello again

Well I can't believe how incredibly long it's been since I've even looked at this site. I think my life just seemed like it was too much and I was just worn too thin. I think it's been like two years! A lot has changed... for one I'm not sure I can call this blog confessions of a young housewife. Now that I have another baby (yes another boy) I certainly don't feel young, and my body certainly doesn't look young. Thirty is now looming closer then ever.

I'm not sure why I stopped and I'm not sure why I'm picking it up again. I guess I've been feeling the need lately to put things down in words and that feels good after such a long time of having nothing to say. And then I went and saw Julie and Julia, what a sweet movie that was, and was inspired to look and see what I had wrote in the past and boy am I glad i did. There is so much from Hunter's first year that I don't remember and this blog is such an amazing record of what was happening with him and me. I am so thankful that this website doesn't erase your entries after a long time of inactivity.

Hunter is three now and potty training and our second and last child is seven months. It's funny that I am starting this back up in almost the same place I began last time. Night after night of interrupted sleep, baby food, nursing, and tons of laughter and tears. I am a much more relaxed mom now but I am also twice as stretched out and chubby! Oh well the price of motherhood is high but it's rewards are immeasurable. I hope you will enjoy my journey and maybe get to laugh a little too. I have a lot to say and maybe there is someone out there who will be interested in hearing it.

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