Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The County Fair

enjoying his first corn dog
this thing is made out of legos! how crazy cool is that!
Don't giant pumpkins just make you smile?
smartest animal on the farm.
Ok, I am on a roll. I have all these great things to talk about because they have been building inside of me for a few months now so here is another before it becomes to late to make sense.

I am a country girl my husband is a city boy (this is beginning to sound like a Jon Bonjovi song) and we don't always "get" each other. One prime example is the county fair. I love it!! He thinks it is the weirdest thing in the world. The first time I took him to the fair he walked around with this look of bewilderment on his face the entire time. So anyway the whole summer I kept saying we have to take Hunter to the fair he will love it. But as time usually does it sped by and we missed our fair (or maybe my hubby failed to mention it to me). So when my parents came up for Hunter's birthday they were saying they missed a good 4-H fair (apparently they don't have any out where they live) so we looked online found one pretty close to where we live and decided to go.

I can't remember the name of it (and I mean no offense to every one else by what I'm about to say because I know that the fair can be a source of great pride to the community) but it was truly the nicest fair I have ever been too. It was so clean even the poultry barn didn't smell. The bathrooms while rustic where clean and the paths were great no problems with the strollers at all. We went on band day so there was the distant sound of local marching bands in the air; it was just awesome. The food was so good. It was a perfect day. I'm hoping that mom dad the boys and I can make it a tradition, part of Hunter's birthday celebration. And next year we are making Brian come.

I was right Hunter did love it. All the animals and the food. He was so excited to eat an elephant's ear (yes he really thinks they're elephant's ears, but we told him they grow back) And his favorite thing was the rows and rows of classic tractors. He went running from one to the other "look at this one, look at this one" and then he pointed to a sea do and said "a space ship" like that was the most normal thing in the world.

Ok so here is my theory about fair food. You can not get everything at one vendor. If you do will certainly get one thing that is good and one that is bad. You can't go to the corn dog place and get your french fries. You have to divide and conquer one person goes to the corn dog and sausage stand, the other goes to the fresh cut fries stand, and someone else gets lemon aid at the fresh squeezed stand, this is how you experience truly great fair food. Let your food settle walk around a little more and get your elephant ear (they don't have those where mom and dad live, can you imagine never experiencing an elephant ear?) then as you leave pick up a bag of cotton candy.


kemptonmeg said...

Hi Jessie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You made me smile. Please pass along a "Happy Birthday" to Hunter. And thanks for all the fair tips. Next time I go (yes, I like fairs too) I'll try to get goodies at the appropriate stands. Love you!

Stephen & Denise said...

Love it!! We had such fun at the fair with you all. Can't wait to do it next year. I especially love to tell everyone how I explained all about the fair to Hunter the day before and told him we would be eating an elephant ear and he said "that's disgusting" and then I told him they were great and covered in Cinnamon and sugar and he hesitated a moment and then said O.K.! Love you, Love your blog MOM