Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Dream to Own My Own Business?

Yesterday I was sewing most of the day.  I made my own bias tape and started putting together some little baby jackets and well I thoroughly enjoyed myself, every last minute of it.  It helps that Brian was here taking care of the kids (that's how he provides something to "give") and it helps that I'm finally getting to a place where I'm not constantly ripping out seams and redoing things, but it was something else... I love this kind of work, I love when I find that really cool fabric and I love deciding what to do with said cool fabric I love finding notions and buttons and trims and I like the puzzle of deciding what to make to go with what.  I love vintage looking things and now that I've found a website full of fabrics like that I just feel so joyous.  Is it stupid to find something like this so fulfilling and exciting?  Probably.  Could it be a passing phase attributed to things like Project Runway?  More then likely but then again maybe not.

I have come to a place where the cookie cutter products in your cookie cutter mall stores don't interest me any more.  I don't like giving a gift to someone that cost me only money I want it to have part of me in it (not literally although that does happen quite a bit, tears, actual blood from poking myself etc.)  Also I have only boys and well boy clothes leave a lot and I do mean A LOT to be desired so maybe that's why working with baby and child prints has started to bring me so much joy; I'm beginning to see the possibilities of what could be for my children, my friends children my nieces and nephews and maybe even stranger's children.

I don't think I want an actual brick and mortar store that sounds like a lot of work and not much time for actual creating but an internet store and blog most definitely.  When the kids are older and I'm better and faster at sewing and crocheting I feel like I might be able to make a little money at all of this and if I like doing it then how cool would that be?  My store, or maybe line of goods is a better way to put it, would be called "Sew Vintage" and the children's line would either be called "Bugaloo" because that my pet name for my baby or "Lambie Pie" because that was and is my Grammy's pet name for me.  I will sell aprons, maybe some ladies clothing, unique jewelry, linens, crocheted hats, scarves, and gloves, vintage inspired baby and children's clothing with lots of options for boys.  As long as we're dreaming let's say it really takes off and I have to have stuff made from my ideas I will start a factory in India where the women are paid a living wage and taught to read, write and do math, so that they can escape from a life of prostitution and we'll be part of the Fair Trade (it means my stuff will be a little bit more expensive than wal-mart but I think it'll be well worth it).

Of course to get to that place some things have to change; more ideas, better skills, a little more time and a permanent place to set up my sewing machine.  But for now I'm happy with my little home made gifts and little blue (my sewing machine.)
My little "who" who inspires me and keeps me from sewing all at the same time!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jess, that might be one of the cutest pictures of our little mister that i have ever seen. It just about killed me! By the way, i totally think you can do it, have your business, and then when i have my coffee shop and also sell cool vintage things i rescue from junk shops i can sell some of your things too! Ah what a life it will be :}

fullertribe said...

Love that picture!!! He is getting SO big. Time sure passes by fast.