Thursday, February 4, 2010

OMG I C!!!!

Isn't this pic pretty I took it with a cool color swap feature on my camera.

Oh my goodness I am crocheting!!  Ok I've actually been crocheting for a couple of weeks now and well...I'm not sure you can call what I was doing actual crochet.  I made a blue flower that ended up looking like a defunct swastica and a bag that was so misshapen it became a goofy wash rag (which I will use so that someday I will look at it toss my head and think smugly, "oh ha ha how rudimentary my skills were back then.")  But now I think I'm actually getting it, I'm making a took and it's going surprisingly well after much "frogging" (crochet term for ripping out your work, yes I am learning crochet speak) and much stalking of Beki my patient and great crochet teaching friend I think I may be making a real live hat!!!  After the hat I want to try a flower again (to put on the hat) and after that I want to make something for a certain baby I know, but we'll see I get frustrated easy so it can't be super hard and I'm always over confident in what I can accomplish.

Ok I did not crochet this hat and scarf that Conner is wearing (it's mine by the way) but the point is I could... maybe.

I remember distinctly saying one time that I had no desire to learn to crochet and here I am desiring it!  Just goes to show you, I'm weird.  But just think; now I'll have something to do on those long trips to Toledo (since I have children and can't really sleep all the way there any more) and something to do while at my in-laws house.  Plus I can make all manner of cute hats, scarves, baby jackets etc.  Huh I wonder what I'm going to be learning to do next year (please not scrap booking!)  Well I'm off to stitch some "sc" into another "round".


Courters said...
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Courters said...

Conner is so adorable!! Only one more day and you'll know what color to buy. (God willing we make it through the snow storm and that the baby is in a good position to see what it is.) I'll call you first! Love you.