Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nap Time

For those of you with small children you will understand when I say that nap time is by far the best time of day! For those of you with grown children keep your "enjoy this time it goes by so fast.." to your selves.  I know it goes fast, it scares me so much and I do enjoy it and really try to cherish the moments...but that one and a half hours of pure quiet is what keeps me sane.  I organize everything around it, lunch dates with friends and neighbors, deliveries, cleaning. Nap time is my time and when I don't get that I feel it for the entire day and I'm not the only one, besides walking, nap time is Rangers favorite time of day too.  Thing is my house is loud and noisy (call me sometime at 11:30 and count how many times I have to say "What's that I'm sorry, couldn't hear you?"  After I get the kids down I make a pot of real loose leaf tea (I need the caffeine by then and it's fancier then regular tea) I sit down and do my devotions and journaling all the while watching the birds out my big front window.  Then I check my email, face book and blog.  I snuggle with the dog and if I'm really tired I take a nap.  If you don't have a time like this during your day I encourage you to get one (even if you don't have children or they're grown) it is healthy to have quiet, it is good to reflect and if you are a person who struggles with time with God put it into your routine here.  There is a reason why yoga and meditation makes you healthier, it helps reset your brain and this is what nap time is, a brain resetter.
Dogs make great nap time pillows

Your dog puts up with a lot if you have children, he will thank you for nap time!!

Rules for nap time.
Keep it quiet
Try to have it every day (with in reason)
Do something for yourself (like chocolate, or tea something just a tad indulgent)
Try journaling, praying or bible reading
Find a blog you love to visit or a book you like to read
Don't be afraid to sleep
Most importantly remember this is for you, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY (ahem Beki) know that doing this for you will make you a better wife, mother, colleague etc.

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Courters said...

Some how you did get spammed! I have so much catching up to do!
I was thinking i hope she knows how much i enjoy reading these... becaue i do. I feel like eventhough we are far away and can still be part of your every day life.
I love you and I love those two crazy boys with all my heart!!