Sunday, February 28, 2010


Oh I have had it with snow.  I know God must role his eyes at me since if you look at some Nov. posts I'm sure you'll see me going on and on about snow and the magic of the season but now it's the end of February and the magic has long since fled leaving us house bound, bored, and cranky.  Oh how I dream of soft spring breezes and that smell of mud that seems to waft through the air in April, carrying with it so many exciting expectations.  This year I want to try my hand at strawberries, and I've discovered a park where raspberries grow wild that any one can pick.  Oh how I yearn for spring!!!  I did take the kids out side to play in the snow for the first time and Hunter hated it!!! He whined and cried and quite frankly the snow totally freaked him out.  He kept shaking his mitten and saying "there is snow on my mitten." and getting stuck in the deep deep snow.  Well I think he'll appreciate it when he's older and can make snow forts and such but for now I know how he feels, "There is snow on my mitten!!!"

Too much snow even for me

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