Thursday, February 18, 2010

Granny Squares

So It's been a couple of weeks full of sick children, being snowed in the house, too much laundry and tons of crocheting.  The crocheting I don't mind, actually, I'm getting pretty quick and am happy to report that I have over 30 granny squares completed but have 50 left to go and I've run out of yarn.  I'm not sure how that happened as I followed the directions in buying the yarn and my squares are measuring the same size as the pattern but oh well that just means I get to go back to the yarn store!!  Problem with that is that I'll walk in and get ideas to make other things with other different colored yarns since true to form I will be really excited about something new on the horizon while I still have a ton to do on this particular project.  What I'm excited about?  Well my crocheting friend Beki just finished a really cool pair of fingerless gloves which I have been wanting since the beginning of the winter when I read about some on Posie Get's Cozy's blog and so now I'm thinking matching hats, gloves, and scarves for christmas gifts?  If I start soon maybe just maybe I'll get some done for every one but I'm sure I'll be bored with that and on to something else by the time December rolls around, oh the travesty of my limited attention span.

I've also discovered a great website that sells super cool vintagy fabrics and notions (link on left) and so that got me jonesing to start some sewing projects including a summer dress that My friend Megan bought me the pattern to last year.  I'd really like to have the dress done for my trip to Main in May.  So what ends up happening is that I have so many ideas I just run around accomplishing nothing... slow down brain ok now be mature and make a plan; three granny squares a day, cut out dress pattern while waiting for fabric to come in mail, wash fabric, jerry rig broken sewing machine, make some cookies... oooh birds out the window I'll stop and watch them for a while, now what was I doing again...

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Courters said...

What on earth are "granny squares" for? When I read only your title for this one I was sure it was something edible :)
Love you!!