Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blow Outs

So my goal was to wait until Hunter was four months old to give him cereal, and I almost made it. He will be four months old Sunday, but this past week he's just been acting like he's starving, I just couldn't get him full so I decided what was a few days and I went ahead pumped out some milk added rice cereal and gave it to him before he went to bed. It was amazing he slept for five hours!! I rejoiced seven hours of sleep and I was on cloud nine; It's true what everyone says about solid food hallelujah! The next night I went to bed full of confidence, knowing that I was past the hell stage, and then less then three hours later he awoke hungry and mad.

Seriously I was so disillusioned, and sad. I'm still giving him the cereal hoping that it will work it's magic once more, but I'll tell you what it's hard. And it always seems like I guess it wrong. Last night he was fussy all evening so we gave him his bath and I put him in his swing. He fell asleep and I pumped knowing that he would be up in a couple of hours I stayed up waiting to feed him so of course he sleeps for four hours in a row, all the while I keep thinking, "soon, he'll wake up soon, and if I go to bed now he'll just get up." until finally at midnight I went to bed and he woke up fifteen minutes later, ahhhh!

So anyway, because of the cereal we have begun to experience a whole new experience in pooping. The first post cereal poop change fell to Brian and I was actually disappointed because I wanted to know what it looked like, if only I had known that mine would be coming soon. It still has the same color just a little lumpy and quite a bit more smelly but it suddenly is expelled with huge force. We've had blow-outs I never knew were possible. Just an example of this; during my luncheon we're sitting around talking about gross kid things; I'm holding Hunter who's pretty happy and I look down and there is poop on my hand, on my shirt, my jeans and all up Hunter's back!! I couldn't believe it, I mean the logical part of me was quite amazed the human part of me was a little horrified.

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