Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Locked out of the House

Today was a day of a great many mishaps. It's Brian's day off so, like always we decided to do our banking and grocery shopping. As we pulled into the meijer's parking lot I realized that I had forgotten a valuable coupon so back to the house we go, where I discover that I must have thrown the coupon out by accident. So after all of that we come home with our groceries and one hungry baby wailing in the back seat to find out that when I had run into the house to get the coupon I left locking the keys in the house!!!

Luckily our neighbor was home so we could call the lock smith ($50 buks down the drain). On our shopping journey we bought batteries for the baby swing, which is a must have since it totally sooths him but can you guess we bought the wrong size batteries. AAAHHHH!!!! And wouldn't you know it through it all my husband was as gracious as could be. He never got mad (though perhaps a little annoyed) and he didnt' make me feel bad. He's an extremely good man that's for sure.

He's an amazing husband, he actually gets up and feeds the baby in the middle of the night so I can get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. He watches the baby so I can get a nap, changes diapers, does dishes, and anything else if I ask. He still wants to have sex with me even though my body looks like something from a horror film, and tells me I'm beautiful (I think he may even believe what he's saying).

He's a good father too. I'm not sure I've ever seen this side of him. The way he talks to Hunter and the way he looks at him when he's holding him. I can tell he adores the little guy and doesn't seem to mind that our lives have been turned upside down. Hunter is his son in every way and my heart grows so much bigger when I watch the two of them together (the way Hunter looks so interested in everything his dad does). Having a child can make or break you as a couple and so far I've felt closer to my husband and have so much more respect for him. I'll always hold in my heart the way Brian talks to Hunter when I hand him over at 6am to go back to bed, or the way they look together sleeping on the couch. I'm one lucky person that's for sure. I suppose the real phrase is one blessed person.

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