Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mommy's Boy


So today was a good day. Tuesdays are Brian's day off and we had a good time. I cleaned the house (I should say am cleaning, I'm taking a break to watch reruns and write this), because I'm having a luncheon with a couple of moms from my church tomorrow. There is something so liberating about having a clean house, something so freeing vacuuming up all that dog hair. If only I could keep it that way, the office is already full of clutter.

Then we went to the local farmers market type store and it was so fun. I found all of these cool vegetables that they use on food network but I've never actually seen and that just got my creative cooking juices flowing. I'm trying to incorporate more veggies into our diet and it makes it more fun using new ingredients. This store is so cool full of flowers and fancy wines and cheese. So anyway, that was nice, it was good to spend time with my husband.

When we got home I made the soup for my luncheon and dinner, all the while my husband is trying to take care of our son. Hunter won't stop crying, Brian's walking him around the house and every time they come in the kitchen and I hold him he stops crying instantly, and as soon as I give him back to his dad the wailing starts back up. There's a part of me that feels good that I'm the one he wants that I can sooth him when no one else can, the practical part of me knows that it could be stressful in the long term being the only one he wants. Plus I don't want his dad to get stressed out. It could just be a phase, or a sour tummy day, but it is nice knowing that Hunter knows who I am, and knowing that he wants my arms around him.

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