Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today was the day of my lunch and it was really nice. Being with other moms is fun because you don't have to worry about if your child is bothering them. Our babies were all laying on blankets on the floor and in our laps while we ate. The older kids watched movies and fought with each other. It was really nice to have adult conversation, and in the middle of the day no less, and nice to talk mom talk. Other moms that I've talked to about feedings and emotions and love have been moms a long time it was nice to talk to someone who is right there with me.

I hope it takes off. Back when my Grammy was having kids almost all moms stayed home so it was natural to go to each others homes and chat, now it's unusual and I think we've lost the art of entertaining other women. That easy lunch, the coffee and tea break. We need to find, at least I do, that art again. I need a couple of people to talk with; someone who doesn't make me feel like less of a woman for staying home with my kids, when, for me, I know in my heart it makes me more of a woman. I like that we all cut coupons and spend our days surrounded by gurgles and coos and diapers. It's like coming home; finding other women who made that difficult choice to leave the work force and raise their children even if it meant making financial sacrifices and sacrifices to their careers. Even if it meant "tsks" from women who feel that we're snubbing our noses at all that the women libbers did for us(even though their secretly jealous).

It took me so long to make friends and feel like I belonged at the old church, and I'm excited that I'm getting to know people so much faster now. I keep thinking about the park and the zoo and all the fun we can have once the snow leaves. Like I said before I hope it takes off if nothing more then for my sanity.

On a side note, I made this brownie thing that was amazing, if I do say so myself. It's actually a shame because it certainly won't help me loose any weight. But if your ever in the mood for something shamefully bad for you that's legal contact me for the recipe. Chocolate and sticks of butter AMAZING!!

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