Monday, January 29, 2007



Yesterday was our first youth Sunday at church and it went pretty well. It was more stressful then it used to be, pre-children, I sang and oh my I felt so chubby and old up there next to those perky teenagers. It didn't help that it snowed really bad in the morning and so they canceled youth Sunday and we all relaxed, then it stopped snowing and they decided to have it after all. Because Brian was preaching and I was helping with the praise team and doing a skit I had to put Hunter in the nursery for the first time. Now I totally trust the women in the nursery they've all been screened by the staff and I know them personally so my nervousness wasn't about them. I kept thinking "what if he cries? what if he thinks I abandoned him?" I know it's ridiculous but when I signed him in and they took him over the counter my heart wanted to jump out of my chest. I wanted to grab him back and tell his father to find someone else to sing; I was too important to Hunter to let him go. Of course he did just fine in the nursery. I suppose he didn't need me as much as I imagined (just a little blow to the ego). As soon as Church was over I practically sprinted to the check-in counter but was stopped several times by well meaning congregants who wanted to tell me how nice the service was. I had to bite my tongue from shouting, "out of my way people I have someone more important to get." and then as I neared the nursery I saw that somehow my husband had beat me to it and was already holding my very satisfied looking son! Can you believe it?! I ran on adrenalin all day and slept so hard.

Speaking of sleep there's good news, I hesitated writing about it before because in the past I've always jinxed myself but I think it may be happening. Three days ago Hunter slept for six hours ate then slept for another four, which was just incredible. The next night he slept for five hours and then a couple after he ate, and last night five hours and three after he ate!! Could it be that we're finally moving into a longer sleep pattern, is the cereal finally helping? He started sleeping more just before his four month mark maybe that's going to be our magic number. Whoo hoo, whatever the reason I am so thankful for the last couple of nights, I really hope it lasts.

Hunter seems warm to me today. Now I've seen enough shows about parents over reacting so I'm trying to be logical and keep a level head. I took his temp under his arm, which was tricky I can't imagine doing it the other way (if you know what I mean). The thermometer read 98.1, and I read on line (the invaluable resource for parents and cooks alike) that an under arm reading can be as much as 1 degree lower then it really is, so at the most he may be running a fever of 99.1, which is like .5 degrees high, which I'm thinking isn't much. Believe me I'll keep an eye on it, and he doesn't seem extra fussy and is eating normal but he is acting a little sleepy. These are the things about parenting that make me so nervous, it makes me wish I had a medical degree or an in-house nurse. I sincerely hope he's not going to start teething, he's already fussy and I can't imagine what a teething Hunter would be like not to mention that breast feeding has been a struggle and if he gets teeth I'm not to sure what will happen to my poor nipples.

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