Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is what I've been working on.
Vintage lace and buttons.
I've been pretty quiet in the blogging world lately. After the fourteen days of valentines I became about as slow as a snail. I've been working on a summer blouse and (am so close to being done with it) figured that I would be finished any minute and would blog about that.

However, because I am so slow, I still haven't finished it! I will say after the crafting spree of February it has been really nice taking my time with this project. Instead of finishing the blouse this afternoon I made dinner. And not my regular everything-in-one-dish dinner, this one had three sides two of which were vegetables (wife and mom points). It looked so homey served with my very small (hoping it grows) robin egg blue pyrex dishes I thought I would share.

I love the blue place settings.

In the sweet potatoes I substituted
plain soygurt for the sour cream.
The meal was from Martha Stewart's "Every Day Food" magazine. Along with some biscuits. It's so hard to get out of the chicken and hamburger rut of cooking so using pork ribs was pretty fun (even if I don't love the texture of pork). Everything turned out good and even got good reviews from the kids and husband.

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