Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Eleven.

Today I made something for myself. And sort of for Brian but mostly for myself. I am constantly amazed at how good I feel when I'm wearing pretty underthings. So I decided to make this pair of bloomers from Colette. It's a free pattern and really easy so if your a beginner you could totally do this!

Since I have about as much chance of going to Europe as I have of taking a trip in the TARDIS I used this fancy cotton with some kind of french or german writing on it (maybe both?). I like the old vintage look it has and the color is pretty unique.

I entertained the idea of modeling them for you for about two seconds (if your curious to see how it looks on a really skinny girl click here). I really try to be confident in the body I have now (even if I hope it's somewhat firmer in the future) but there is a limit to what I will post online. So instead I put on my most vintage looking dress and did a bunch of "pinup" poses. 

This is how a vintage girl curls her hair.

Since it's been so mild and nice here I was totally going to wear this dress for Brian and my nice Valentines dinner (with a hot pink sweater)... Then we had a snowstorm last night. Sigh. I will be wearing something that can go with tights and boots instead (I will be wearing the bloomers though).

Don't forget to scroll down to enter for one of my giveaways. If you win I will mail it even if you live overseas. 


Stephen & Denise said...

Very cute. Love the pictures. You are so creative Jessie!!

Amelia said...

You are just so stinking cute. Seriously. I love the bloomers!

Jessie said...

Thank you both, you're making me blush.

KatieBeth said...

Hey Jessie these are super cute! How do you enter for your drawings?

Jessie said...

To enter go to the post for "Day Ten". If you scroll down you should see it. Leave a comment in that day and you are entered. I'll choose three people randomly. (Really I use this number randomizer thing).