Friday, February 10, 2012

Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Ten.

Day ten I'm nearly there! I'm nearly to a day devoted to red and pink and glitter and chocolate!  Initially you might think todays project was a bit on the lame side, but just hold on.

First up is a chocolate cake. Today is our church's Valentine's banquet. I think a lot of churches don't have these anymore. Our church is still doing it and they do it really well. It's always decorated so nice and there's child care (which means I'll be able to eat an entire meal without being interrupted a million times. Can I get a hallelujah?!) AND I don't have to cook, so bonus! Any way I offered to make a dessert which at first glance seems pretty nice but I have a selfish motive. This way I can ensure that there is at least one dessert that I can eat (dairy free).

I used this recipe (it's my go to chocolate cake) and swap in almond milk for regular and have never noticed a difference. If you make this cake try her frosting it's soooo good. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a dairy free rue yet so I can't have it (hence the powdered sugar topping.)

 Okay now for the real treats. Da da da da!!!! I have give-a-ways of love for you sweet readers!! Let me begin by saying I waited to photograph them until today and it was a super grey snowy (blech) day. So, I had troubles with the photos (always a disappointment in the blogging world).

The gifts are: Coffee Cup Sleeve and gift card, Embroidered
Valentine, and a Nestlace.

I am giving away three gifts because I really do love you. The fact that you stop by this little piece of the internet and read what I have to say is so humbling. It warms my heart again and again and keeps me going through good times and tough. It means something to me to put down words and ideas and have them read; so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

The three gifts are: a coffee cup sleeve with Starbucks gift card, a felt embroidered valentine, and a nestlace. To enter simply leave a comment on my blog (if you sign in as anonymous make sure you leave your name) answering the following question: "What is the most romantic or sweet thing that you have ever received or had done for you or by you." (appropriate for the blog world of course tee hee). I will randomly draw three winners on Tuesday February 14th. And don't forget to keep tuning in, my project for tomorrow is a bit on the risqué side (wink).
How sweet are buttons?

These Necklaces still don't
want to photograph


Susie Finkbeiner said...

I'm having a really good time reading all your fun Valentine's Day blogs! AND you've been re-pinned by people I don't even know!!! You'll be famous!

Okay. The sweetest thing.

A few weeks ago my handsome hubby was out of town for a job. That meant that he was gone...ON MY BIRTHDAY! I went to Lansing that morning to find that he'd arranged for my Mom and Sister to give me a GIANT bouquet of my VERY favorite flowers (purple roses and daisies). It was such a lovely moment. He's an amazing man.

Amelia said...

Seriously loving your ideas! I'm trying to think of the most romantic. For our 10th anniversary, Kedron made this cute little video of himself and posted it on youtube.

Gerri Sue said...

One of the sweetest things that was done for me was actually done for Bobby years ago. My best friend and her husband bought him a swing set and they and my dad and brother installed it in our yard at the trailer park. It meant a lot to me.

Court said...

Jessie i think that pic turned out this time of the nestlace. So maybe it's not fair if i post something since i got the nestlace (which as you know i have gotten tons of compliments on all over from all sorts of people.)
... but maybe i'll get drawn for something else. :)
I think that one of the most romantic/sweetest things that Justin did for me was (before kids in our apartment in IN) I was working and when i got home he had made me a hawiian themed dinner. Complete with some kind of amazing ginger rubbed ribs, and pina coladas. He had the table set so cool with shells, candle light and flower leighs around the plates and had ocean waves playing on a cd player. I am sure there was some kind of yummy desert but i don't remember now. I think what made it so romantic was how he went above and beyond with the atmosphere. (Although as you know he was quite creative.) :)

Kristie said...

Quite a long time ago I flew half way around the world to make surprise visit to an unsuspecting person. I was quite nervous on the extremely long flight not knowing how he would react to the surprise. He was surprised.... and very excited!

Heather B said...

When my husband and I were dating he was living in Michigan and I was living in Maryland. For one of his visits I planned a secret night time tea party for us under the branches of a tree much like a willow but smaller and the hanging branches grow thick and stiff forming a tent if you will. I hung lanterns from the inside branches and made the tea in a pot I had scoured antique shops for and had chosen just for him. Everything was set out on a blanket in the lights of the lanterns, you could barely see them gleaming from outside the tree. :)

Beki said...

Mike wrote me a sonnet before we got married. It was a beautiful gift that I still love to read. More recently, he framed a really large cross-stitch project I had finished years ago. He said it was too good to give away or keep folded up in a box.

Stephen & Denise said...

My man is a very romantic guy. I get love letters and love emails on a regular basis. Even after 31 years of marriage he still tells me I am beautiful every day and yes I do mean every day! So it's hard to pick one romantic thing, because there have been many. On our 25 year anniversary he took me to Florida and surprised me with a beautiful new diamond wedding ring set. We were at Victoria and Alberts in the Grand Floridian at Disney having an amazing meal. At the dessert course they brought mine out in a silver coverd dish. When I lifted the lid off the plate there was a big red rose head resting on the plate with the ring nestled inside it. That was a great night!!

katie said...

Last year Branden spent ten months doing volunteer work in the Southwest with Americorps. We only saw each every few months, but he was able to get some time off near my birthday. Americorps doesn't pay well so after paying for the flight home I knew he wouldn't have much so I wasn't expecting anything other than spending a few wonderful days with him. Of course, I underestimated him. Knowing how much I love plants, he convinced his team to climb the tallest mountain near their work site and he brought me home a tiny purple flower that he found at the summit. It was the perfect gift and I still have it pressed in a book waiting for the day when I can make it into a necklace.

KatieBeth said...

The necklace is really cute Jessie!! Everything on your blog is super cute!

My high school boyfriend surprised me for valentine's day and said we were going out to dinner but instead he took me to his parent's office where he had set up a romantic dinner for two a dozen roses, candles, the works. He even paid his brother to wear a tux to wait on us.

Anonymous said...

I know my hubby has done very sweet things for me for valentine's, but try as I might, I can't remember a single one. I blame the baby. Lol. But I do remember the sweet things he does for me on regular days. For example, he had a work conference to go to recently and I ended up not going along because it would have been too much. I had been texting him all morning about how difficult things were going. Right at nap time, he walked in the door with a rose and a can of air. He surprised me with a fix for my sewing machine, a flower and he even made it in time to help put the kiddos down for a nap.

Jen B

RebeccaM said...

LOVE the bloomers Jessie!! I had to get caught up reading, I'd gotten behind. I love your passion for everything you do!

Since having children, I've come to realize romantic things don't need to cost money or be frivolous. Infact, I kind of don't like those sort of things any more. My husband often works 10+hr days, so the boys and I take care of most things ourselves- groceries, laundry, cooking, errands, cleaning...

One night my car was out of gas and we had no milk for the next day. When I opened the fridge in the morning to figure out what to do for breakfast, I saw Tom had gone out and bought groceries for me, and filled my car up with gas. It made me cry happy tears!