Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Four. Or I'm So Hot.

I am SOOOO HOT!! And not in the sexy, romance way, I am hot in the: Oh my gosh making homemade pretzels makes the kitchen 100 degrees kind of hot. Yes, for day four I decided to make Brian and the gang (which turned out to be the kids, one neighbor friend, and two college aged students who are painting the basement) homemade pretzel bites another thing I found on Pinterest.
No wonder it's so hot in here boiling water
 and 425 degree oven. 

Lest you get any pie-in-the-sky
ideas about what the kitchen looks
like when I cook.
Don't get me wrong I like embarking on a new fascinating recipe and I really love to feed people (it's one of the love languages that Gary Chapman left out of the book by accident). And these turned out really really good. We pretty much just ate them right off the cool rack. I attempted some with cinnamon and sugar and after prying them off the cookie sheet learned you add that after they're baked (ohhhhh).

This is honestly how we at most of them.
Pretzels are cool: flour, salt, sugar, and yeast, you make a dough and them drop pieces into a boiling mixture of water and baking soda and then bake them. Weird. They would have been perfect for super bowl sunday tomorrow but that is a sunday and I do not have time to let dough rise on a Sunday.

A small pile for a picture.
These pretzels elicited a "Mom your the best!" from SuperH and "yea dees good, wuv you!" from Conster. In the words of one of the students "These are better then Aunt Annies." Now tell me what 100 degree kitchen isn't worth that?

The kids loved them.


Debi said...

YUM! Looks like it was yummy (not to mention well appreciated)!

Court said...

looks yummy! and super cute.

Stephen & Denise said...

I love hot pretzels!!! They look delicous! Lets make them the next time you come to Maryland!!