Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Two.

Day two and it was a Martha Stewart Project. In my experience her projects either work out great or are total failures. In the case of the latter I shake my fist and am once again convinced that she is an evil mastermind. So for day two I had pinned one of her recipes; cheesecakes in canning jars. My husband and his boss (the head preacher man) both love cheesecake and the treats looked so darn cute in their individual little jars. It worked out fine though, of course, didn't look as fabulous as hers did (evil genius indeed).

I made little paper hearts that were suppose to mimic those gross candy hearts you can get this time of year (You know the ones that will break your tooth in half). I tried to remember all the hilarious sayings on them including my favorites, "Fax Me" and "U R Cool" and attached them to the jars with a strand of red embroidery floss. They turned out cute and I'm hoping that they taste good too (I don't know because I can not even look at cream cheese with out getting sick).

It's sort of upside down cheesecake:
crust on top, followed by blueberry preserves
then the cheesecake.

To be shipped to church for the hard working
and long suffering staff.
Tomorrow I've got something a bit less involved but more personal up my sleeve.  I hope this day finds you doing great and filled with warmth.


Suzie's Blog said...

What a neat idea! Hmm.. must pass this on so someone here might think to bless the staff at Blue Ridge Fellowship! Ha

Court said...

What a cute idea!

Jessie said...

THank you both your so sweet! So sweet you deserve sweets.